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We encourage everyone at Charlton Triangle Homes to exceed expectations, so that our customers receive the best possible service.

If someone at Charlton Triangle Homes has impressed you, why not nominate them for a WOW! Award? The WOW! Awards are the UK’s only national awards that recognise excellent customer service based purely on customer nominations.


Recent nominations by our customers

  • Charmaine Murning

    Ms Francis called to thank Charmaine Murning for all her help and assistance getting the parking situation sorted. She advised that for a long time there were problems but Charmaine took the time to listen to her concerns and kept her updated and there is now a parking system in place and the previous issues resolved. Ms Francis advised that Charmaine worked really well on her behalf and was very helpful. Nominated By: Ms Francis […]

  • Lauren Fisk

    Lauren supported a client at our scheme when he became very distressed about the death of a friend - Lauren went above and beyond her job requirements and worked with the police in order to achieve a safe outcome. Lauren provided 121 support in very unusual and challenging circumstances and showed passion, dedication in managing the situation. Nominated By: Lisa Johnston […]

  • Stacey Cooper

    Owing to unforeseen circumstances our service has found itself to be very short staffed and also temporarily without a manager. During this time Stacey has stepped up above and beyond to make sure that everything continues to run smoothly. She is extremely talented at multi-tasking and somehow manages to keep all of the admin work up together as well as go out on visits to clients in fact she seems to relish the challenge. I would like to nominate Stacey for this award as I would like her to know that it has not gone unnoticed the amount of time and hard work she puts into her role and also still brings a sense of humour to a service that can at times be challenging. Nominated By: Colette Soper […]

  • Ella Rayment & Tom - Cleaner

    Hired hall recently for my daughter's birthday party and found nice and clean with very pleasant communication. Cleaner Tom has nice approach with all cleaning requirement and all guests loved the decoration and cleanliness came with the hall. Thanks. Nominated By: Rahul Pat […]

  • Wendy Young & Marion Quigley

    Marion and Wendy have been working together to support C. C is a gentleman who has in all respects been failing to successfully maintain his tenancy and also failing to engage with any support. His flat is in a dreadful condition and he has lived for many months without gas or electric. His landlord has been trying to evict him. At no point have these two caring and compassionate ladies ever given up on trying to get C the correct support for his complex needs. He has refused to either let them in or leave the flat on numerous occasions. He has also failed to engage with numerous other professionals who have then given up on him. This meant that he failed to attend the hearing for his eviction, but they went along, and with his barrister got an adjournment pending more assessments. Yesterday, against all the odds they managed to support C to attend a psychiatric assessment. This will be now used to support his court case and to get him moved to supported housing where he will hopefully receive the specialist input he needs. It would have been very easy for Wendy and Marion to give up on C and simply say that he will not engage, but they have seen past how he presents, and as a result he will now hopefully be able to move forward. Well done ladies! Nominated By: Anonymous […]

  • Daniel Nyame

    We have been at a bit of a stalemate in relation to the tree works at 19 Tyrols Road since September 2016 but following referral of the claim to Daniel last week he has, so far this week, managed to get housing involved, agree a date for the car park to be made unavailable to the tenants, arranged for letters to be delivered to the tenants advising of the car park closure and tree works date. It's been a relief to have someone take hold of an issue and work to resolve it so quickly. Nominated By: Sarahjane Gebb […]

  • Stacey Cooper

    Stacey has been covering for two members of staff who have been off sick. She has gone over and above to ensure that clients and team members are being fully supported as well as doing her own caseload. Nominated By: Jan Dougherty […]

  • Holly Clark

    Holly's stellar service and immense knowledge helped me to book an emergency service for a customer. The customer was in distress because their ceiling has collapsed and Holly stepped in to help me resolve the situation. She took lead to book the appointment and liaise with both the customer and contractor to arrange a suitable time and date to attend. This service restored the customer's faith in Family mosaic and left Albion House extremely satisfied and full of gratitude. Nominated By: Shajjad A […]

  • Dean McManus & Jason Stringer

    Dean and Jason were very clear in all actions taken to carry out and complete the job. They explained all the problems to me and completed the job to a very good standard, plus they were both very friendly. I am very happy with all the works carried out. Nominated By: Anonymous […]

  • Frederic Carty

    I've had low pressure/leakage in my property for over a year. I have had many handymen sent here from Family Mosaic in the past who look at the fault, fix what they see and go, only for the fault to return. Frederic came and assessed everything, spent above and beyond his allocated time to address the root cause and fix my problem once and for all. Thank you. Nominated By: Kizzy T […]

Creating a community and neighbourhood where people want to live because of the quality of life it offers
Creating a community and neighbourhood where people want to live because of the quality of life it offers