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We encourage everyone at Charlton Triangle Homes to exceed expectations, so that our customers receive the best possible service.

If someone at Charlton Triangle Homes has impressed you, why not nominate them for a WOW! Award? The WOW! Awards are the UK’s only national awards that recognise excellent customer service based purely on customer nominations.


Recent nominations by our customers

  • Isaac Oluwaniyi-Asaaju

    I am writing to say thank you to Mr Isaac Oluwaniyi-Asaju, one of the new homes team in arranging for my long awaited defective ventilation to be fixed after 4 years. Words can't express the difference it's made to my life knowing full well that it will be done soon, nor how grateful I am. Mr Isaac is inspirational and has the patience of saints. Due to my dads' illness which made it impossible for the ventilation works to be carried out for health reasons, Isaac has always been patient, understanding and supportive as usual and kept me abreast of any development regards to the ventilation.I became very distressed about the death of my dad recently on 27 December 2016 - Mr Isaac who was working on our estate Dawkins Court - on getting to know about my bereavement - provided second to none support in very unusual and challenging circumstances and showed passion, dedication in managing the situation. He explained to me how to contact the housing association and what to do. And to cap it all, we have been living in our flat since 2013 when the property was just built and the ventilation has never at all worked.I am well pleased to know that Mr Isaac has now arranged for the ventilation works to be carried out. I would like to nominate Mr Isaac for this award as I would like him also to know that it has not gone unnoticed the amount of time and hard work he puts into his role and also still brings a sense of humour to a service that can at times be challenging. Kudos! Nominated By: Ms Wright Fait […]

  • Andrew Benzies

    I would like to nominate my wonderful colleague, Construction Inspector Andrew Benzies for the prestigious WOW Award. There are so many exceptional qualities that I truly admire about Andy - where should I begin? Time and time again Andy has demonstrated his dedication to internal and external customers as well as maintaining an excellent working relationship with the contractors:Family Mosaic - Andy's commitment to ensuring we produce good quality schemes has been evident in the finished product, for example Basin Approach and QEH which are two very impressive new developments.Colleagues - Most recently, I was scheduled to meet with a purchaser for an early morning completion and handover of keys. Due to unexpected train delays there was no way I would make it on time, panic set in, I didn't know what to do. I then had a thought: Andy might be on site, I wonder if he would mind meeting the buyer and handing over the keys? When I called he was more than happy to help. By the time I arrived 20 minutes later, Andy had already explained the particulars of the property and carried out the home demonstration, with nothing further for me to do but request the new resident sign the paperwork. I have even sought his advice on schemes that were not within his remit and without failure he's recommended the best way forward or pointed me in the right direction.Residents - It's sometimes surprising to hear residents say: "Oh I've met Andy and he's shown me how to operate the heating system" or "Andy was here to inspect my leak and he's sorted out the repair". He always finds the time to directly assist our residents whenever possible. Contractors - Due to his friendly, patient and approachable disposition, I've seen how well Andy gets on with everyone on site. He is well liked, it seems no one can walk past without saying 'Hello Andy', it's a wonder to behold.Nothing is ever too much and he is never too busy to give just a moment of his time or share some degree of knowledge. Andy is by far one of the most helpful and supportive colleagues I have had the pleasure to work with during my time here at Family Mosaic. He is a huge credit to this organisation. Nominated By: Anonymous […]

  • Teresa Marland

    Voluntarily and systematically combing our Learning Management System for errors and giving clear, detailed feedback. Can't thank her enough! Nominated By: Heather England […]

  • Scott Deasy

    Nomination submitted on behalf of resident - Ms Virgo:"The afore-mentioned contractor was extremely polite and courteous on arrival and showed the utmost respect when entering my home. As you may be aware, in the last two years, I have dealt with numerous tradesmen from anther company and my home was never shown the respect I observed today. Your roofer today demonstrated such professionalism which is a credit to your company. Once again please pass on my gratitude." Nominated By: Frances Malon […]

  • Angela West & Trina Colclough

    My benefits were stopped because my entitlement to funding was questioned. I had no money or food and felt like my life was not worth living. My 15 year old son was feeling suicidal and I was really scared.My support workers had helped me last year for the same reason and had successfully got my benefits back in pay. I have a very complex case.They've helped me not only with benefits but stopped me from going over the edge with my mental health also. I have been so stressed and they have kept me positive.I was waiting for legal help from a pro bono solicitor but it was taking a long while, whilst waiting my support workers researched and worked hard to prove my entitlement and convinced the judge to my benefits in pay. They stopped it at appeal stage.I was given food parcels to survive on for me and my son and I am so grateful. I really feel I would not have survived without my support workers and your service. They have done a fantastic job and I cannot thank them enough from me and my son. Nominated By: A.h. […]

  • Jonathan Tutt, Mary Elmer, Helen Phillips, David Amos and Marcus Louis

    I am writing to say thank you to all the staff involved in arranging and processing my bathroom. Words can't express the difference it's made to my life, nor how grateful I am. Your staff are inspirational and have the patience of saints. In particular, Mary Elmer and Helen Phillips who dealt with all the paperwork and guided me through the process. I could not have done it without their help. They were always easy to contact or returned my calls promptly and listened to my concerns. David Amos and Marcus Louis from BuildWorks were great. Marcus did the majority of the work and was considerate and informative. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to work in my home in my absence. Their work was of a very high standard. In all, my bathroom is not just functional, but amazing. Thank you again. Nominated By: Paulin […]

  • Melissa Vidal & Becki Partridge-hayes

    I was absolutely blown away by the hard work and dedication of Becki, Mel and the volunteers on the Ambedkar House Garden Project . This project was amazing, the transformation incredible and it brought so many positive things to those involved. It was great to see the finished garden, the friendships formed and the confidence level and sense of achievement amongst the people involved - the journey has been brilliant and seeing the idea being put in to reality is excellent. I'm incredibly proud and really can't thank Mel and Becki enough- this amazing success wouldn't have happened without them! Their dedication was unquestionable. Nominated By: Nichola D'urso […]

  • Claire Shelton

    Claire has recently completed some excellent support with an elderly couple who were in a very difficult situation and had been for some time, not knowing who to turn too. This involved financial abuse, debts, hoarding, dementia and other health issues.The couple had lived in there own property for 36yrs, their son had passed away during this time. The couple were paying out extortionate amounts of money to every company that contacted them selling their products, due to the husband having dementia he always agreed to contracts for anything and everything. While the couple continued to pay these companies by direct debit the couple could not afford the monthly mortgage payments and was getting into serious arrears. They could not cope with the size of their property which reflected in the amount of belongings they had accumulated leading to a hoarding situation. The wife was trying to look after her husband who had dementia but herself suffering physical health issues having had a stroke.Claire set to work contacting companies who had taking advantage of their situation and getting the payments stopped, she made sure the couple had a care package and that Adult Social Care were involved. Claire then tackled the hoarding issue and downsizing to a smaller property that the couple very much needed. This would then give them money in the bank to clear any outstanding debts and be more manageable for them. The difficulty arose from the cost of clearing the property, supporting the couple to understand they would not have the room to take everything with them and the delicate issue of the son's bedroom. Quotes for the clear up, disposal of unwanted items and cost of the move were coming in at 5,000 to 7,000 which the couple could not afford. After lots of investigation and trying to get funding, Claire found out the husband had worked for a specific electrical installation company for many years, so she contacted them to see if they had a grant system for ex-employees. The company agreed to pay the full cost of the clear up and move, not only that but they agree to pay for a new mobility scooter for the wife. The grant awarded was 10,000! Claire found a caring clearance, packing & removal organisation who understood the need for compassion. Outcome: The couple have now moved into a smaller bungalow just up the road to their old property so the husband still knows the area. They have money in the bank with a manageable monthly budget and care package in place with more support for the wife as her husband's carer. Personal belongings/keepsakes that the couple wanted to keep were placed in the new property in a respectful way, reassuring the couple all through the process. The wife cannot thank Claire enough, she has been overwhelmed with the support and assistance received by Family Mosaic. For this reason I wanted to nominate Claire on the couple's behalf for the hard work and dedication she gave to this case, often working late to achieve the very best outcome for this couple. I feel cases like this need to be highlighted, showing nothing is impossible if you think outside the box and use initiative. Well done Claire your a credit to our service. Nominated By: Sue Jenkin S […]

  • Elliot Woolf

    Following an issue with post going missing at one of my properties, I arranged for a trades buttons to be fitted so that the postman could access the building and deliver the mail securely through individual post boxes. There was also an issue with the front door which needed a door closure mechanism fitted which is a specialised repair due to the fact that the door is linked to an electric door entry system and was being carried out by MDP. The tenant that made the initial complaint was chasing up the trades button and also complaining about another security issue and that the front door was not closing properly. Elliot dealt with the enquiry and knowing that MDP are a specialised contractor, arranged for MDP to fit both the trades button and the door closure mechanism in the same appointment thus reducing cost and increasing efficiency. Its this kind of thinking on your feet approach and detailed contractor knowledge that makes working with Elliot such a joy. He is always one step ahead of me, effective and responsive. Nominated By: Tamara Degrass […]

  • Glenn Adam & Clear The Way Team

    This email is regarding the fantastic job Glenn Adam and his team 'Clear The Way' did for my neighbour. It has taken 3 years to get help with his garden - he has mental health issues and I know family am so grateful for the help Glenn Adam and his team have done for this man. Hopefully now he can enjoy his garden and a better quality of life so thank you. I hope Glenn and his team win a WOW award they deserve it. Nominated By: Miss Fleming […]

Creating a community and neighbourhood where people want to live because of the quality of life it offers
Creating a community and neighbourhood where people want to live because of the quality of life it offers