Make a complaint

We do our best to give you a good service, but sometimes things go wrong.

We may not always know when this happens, so please do tell us – then we can try to put things right. We take all complaints about our service seriously, because they make it clear to us where we need to improve.

Complaints procedure

What’s covered

Our complaints procedure deals with problems such as:

  • if you are not satisfied with any aspect of our service
  • if we have failed to follow our own policies or procedures
  • if we have failed to do a repair within a reasonable time
  • if you believe we have discriminated against you
  • if you have had a problem with any of our staff

What’s not covered

The procedure does not normally deal with:

  • appeals against decisions made under our lettings policy
  • everyday matters such as chasing a repair request
  • complaints by one tenant about another tenant
  • claims for compensation
  • insurance claims
  • situations where you are currently taking legal action against us
We do our best to deal with your complaint promptly and fairly. We let you know who is dealing with your problem, and what action we are taking to sort it out. If you make a complaint, it is kept strictly confidential. We make sure we have all the facts we need to investigate the problem fairly and we have a set procedure for you to follow. It speeds things up if you follow our procedure. We also value positive feedback when we do something well and particularly where a member of staff has gone the extra mile in providing good services to you.


Who can complain to us?
Anyone who gets a service from us, or who is affected by our work, may make a complaint. This includes tenants, leaseholders and people we are considering housing.
When should I make a formal complaint?
You should first take up the matter with staff at our office. They are usually in the best position to sort out the problem. We will make every effort to resolve the matter informally. However, if you are not happy with how they handle it, or if you feel that it isn’t appropriate to take up your problem with them, then you should use our complaints procedure.
How do I make a complaint?
Please contact us to make a complaint online or for our leaflet with full details on our complaints procedure.
Independent Housing Ombudsman
If upon completion of our complaints procedure you remain dissatisfied, you may take your problem to the Independent Housing Ombudsman. The Ombudsman checks that you have taken your complaint through all the stages of our complaints procedure before they accept your complaint. If it looks like we have done something wrong, the Ombudsman decides what needs to be done to put things right. Housing Ombudsman 105-109 The Strand London WC2R Tel: 0845 7125 973 Email: [email protected]
Where else can I get help?
Your local MP or councillor may be able to help you. You can also get independent advice from a solicitor, a Citizens’ Advice Bureau, law centre or housing aid and advice centre.
You may be entitled to compensation when things occasionally go wrong. A leaflet is available at the Charlton Triangle Homes office which explains our compensation policy and procedure.


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