Noise nuisance

We can all be affected by noise issues from time to time, and these matters can usually be easily resolved when you talk with the party or persons involved, this should be your first response before any further action is taken.

In most cases the party or persons involved is unaware that their actions are affecting you, and a polite chat or simple note allows them to remedy the situation.
Please be advised that general living noises such as, children playing, footsteps, babies crying or even one-off parties, would not be considered to be anti-social behaviour. However, continuous noise especially when it is between the hours of 11pm and 7am could be considered to be anti-social behaviour, if it occurs regularly and continues for a length of time that makes it unreasonable. A noise that is disturbing or annoying is not sufficient evidence to consider the nuisance to be a noise complaint.

If you have a complaint of unreasonable noise nuisance, and you have already taken the steps to notify the persons involved, please keep a log of the date, time and nature of the nuisance, contact us with the information, as this will help to investigate your concerns further.

You can also contact the Royal borough of Greenwich, Environmental Health team (noise) on 0208 921-8921, who can assist in reaching a more effective resolution.