Ronni Irwin was surprised but full of anticipation when she was offered a place on a ‘Life’ training course run by the London Fire Brigade as part of Charlton Triangle Homes summer programme 2015.

When asked why she got involved in the first place Ronni maintained that it was her mother’s idea initially, but having completed the course she now admits that:

…although I felt tired I was proud of myself in completing the course and having achieved something! It was a good experience and will look great as part of my CV.

Ronni was so impressed with the course which offered firefighting opportunities up ladders, in smoke filled tunnels and a whole host of other life situations and emphasised the importance of team work, leadership and taking both individual and collective responsibility.

When asked if she would recommend the course to others she stated that she would not hesitate to recommend it to other young people and she also made a favourable impression with The London Fire Brigade as they have invited her to enrol as a cadet which is a much longer term commitment and will prove to be a very worthwhile pursuit to involved in.