We wish offer our condolences to those in Kensington who have lost loved ones or have friends or relatives who are missing following the fire in Grenfell Tower.

Charlton Triangle Homes has received a number of enquiries from our residents given the speculation in the press on the possible cause of the fire, and we wish to reassure our residents that fire safety remains an absolute priority for us.

Fire safety at Charlton

Within our stock we have one 16 storey tower block at Valiant House, and a variety of low rise blocks, including our properties on Springfield Grove and Cherry Orchard.

We carry out fire risk assessments on all of our properties and have carried out a wide range of fire safety improvements over recent years to ensure our blocks remain safe and meet modern standards.

We also carry out frequent general health and safety inspections of our blocks to ensure the common areas are kept safe and clear of obstructions, and our caretaking team will highlight serious risks on a daily basis.

Cladding materials

There has been a lot of speculation and coverage in the press about the impact of external cladding in spreading the fire at Grenfell Tower. Whilst it is still far too early to determine the cause of the fire, this has caused concern amongst our residents given that all of our older blocks, with the exception of Valiant House, were overclad in 2012. Our external cladding is a mineral based system. It has a fire standard rating that means the materials used will prevent the spread of fire. The mineral insulation itself is non – combustible. Whilst we feel sure there is no risk to our residents, we will continue to liaise closely with the London Fire Brigade and other relevant bodies and act on their advice. As stated above, Valiant House, our tallest block, does not have external cladding and so this specific issue would not be relevant to this block.

Precautionary checks

In addition to our usual regular safety checks we will be carrying out some additional inspections over the coming week just to make sure that things like fire safety doors are working, and escape routes are clear. Our caretaking staff are already on notice that they must highlight any safety issues, but we have reminded them to be extra vigilant.

London Fire Brigade

We work in close partnership with the London Fire Brigade and we will respond to any initial or longer term findings and revised guidance arising from the fire, especially in relation to evacuation policy. Please visit our website regularly and see our newsletter for updates ’’