You and your community

The vision we share with local residents is to maintain confidence and pride to the area and help all individuals in our community to fulfil their potential.

Our wide-ranging community programme is a key element of how we hope to achieve this. Our Community Development Team’s main task is to attract services and money into the local community.

Our most important principle is that we will only run activities or initiatives where there is a demand from local residents. Come and see us if you have an idea. Currently we work with over thirty community partners operating in the area.


Community activities & services

Our New Leaf Advice Centre is open 5 days a week, and is staffed and supported by qualified and experienced practitioners. Residents may access any number of services all of which are free. We offer both drop in sessions as well as appointments.

Centre staff may also ‘signpost’ residents to a wide range of other services in the borough. In this way, individuals can deal with a wide range of issues that may be affecting their progress.

Charlton Triangle Homes provides a full range of activities in the area, catering the everyone, from the under 5s to the over 50s. Please visit our news section for full details of what’s currently on.

Our approach is not to start up and organise these activities ourselves, but to support our residents and other agencies in doing so. We work in partnership with a large number of groups and organisations to make sure that only quality services are delivered by qualified people. Our activities include sports coaching put in place by the Charlton Athletic Football Club, crèches part-funded and run by the Greenwich Pre-school Alliance, among many others.

If there is no clear demand for a service or activity, we will withdraw our support. In this way, we make sure that our limited resources are used as effectively as possible for residents’ benefit.

If you are interested in joining or taking part in any of these, please contact us.

We have limited funding available if you wish to set up a local group, event or activity. If you are involved in a community group which is looking for money to set up a new project, please contact our Neighbourhood Manager for Community Development.

Community safety

Crime and anti-social behaviour are always of great concern to residents and we work hard to improve community safety in the area. We have a very low tolerance of the small minority of people who make life unpleasant for others and we have had considerable success in dealing with anti-social behaviour in recent years.

However, this is not something that we can do alone. We work closely with other agencies such as local schools, the Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT), the police and social services on such things as anti-social behaviour agreements, and we also encourage residents to get involved wherever possible.

Charlton Triangle Homes works in partnership with the police through the Safer Neighbourhoods Team, which has been operating in the SE7 area since 2005. We make sure that residents are able to meet with the local police team on a regular basis to discuss ongoing problems and solutions. We will keep you informed on how to get involved in these meetings and the latest outcomes.

We will also let you know the best ways of contacting the police yourself if you need to, such as by e-mailing, texting a particular number or using drop-ins sessions at various venues during the week: these methods are likely to change from time to time, so please contact us for the latest advice.

If you are aware of a continuing problem with anti-social behaviour near your home, please give us and/or the police as much information as you can. It is only with good, reliable evidence that action can be taken successfully.

You can be sure that any information you give us will be treated in confidence.

Keeping you informed

As one of our residents, you will receive regular updates on Charlton Triangle Home’s performance as your landlord and on new services and initiatives as they are developed. We will also keep you informed about community activities and the ways in which you can get involved.

Our website contains the most up to date information telling you what’s on and we would encourage you to visit regularly.

In addition you will also get a regular residents’ newsletter several times a year, and our bulletin and annual report to tenants once a year.

A lockable noticeboard is provided for each block of flats, as long as one of the residents agrees to take charge of it. Over half our blocks now have boards. You will find regular information updates on the boards, as well as publicity about local events and activities. If your block doesn’t have a board and you would be prepared to manage it, then please let us know.

As well as keeping you informed, we will ask you for your views on how things are going.


Creating a community and neighbourhood where people want to live because of the quality of life it offers