Moving on & moving out

We hope that you will enjoy living in your home for many years, as many of our tenants do. But we also understand that, if your circumstances change, you may need to move.

You may need a larger or smaller property, have changed your job or have other reasons why you want to move out of the area altogether, such as wanting to live nearer to your family.


How we can help you move

You may need to move away urgently for personal reasons, for example, if you are suffering domestic violence or if you have developed an illness or a disability which makes it impossible for you to manage in your present home. Please let us know and we can work with you to find a solution.

If you are getting older and would like to move into sheltered accommodation, we can advise you and assist you to find a suitable scheme in the area.

If you feel the need to move because of nuisance or harassment outside your home but are otherwise quite happy to live there, please let us know as soon as possible, so that we can take action on your behalf. Only in the most extreme circumstances should it be necessary for you to move away for this kind of reason, but if we agree that there is no alternative, then we will do everything we can to help you.

Buying a home of your own

If you moved into your present home before March 1999, you will be entitled to the Right to Buy your home. Please contact us for an information pack. You can make an appointment to see one of our staff, who will help you to take this forward.

If you moved in after March 1999, you will not be entitled to Right to Buy, but you can still purchase your property under the Right to Acquire. Please contact us for an information pack.

There are also other low cost home ownership opportunities that you may be interested in. You can find out more about those by visiting This will tell you all about the schemes currently operating in London.

You can also visit the Council’s website for the latest news on local schemes.

Finally, Mychoice Homebuy is a government funded, low cost home ownership scheme that enables eligible applicants to purchase a home on the open market with the help of a flexible equity loan. For further information, please contact the Homebuy Agent for South East London, which is currently Catalyst Homes, on 0845 601 7729.


How do I apply for a move?
You can register for a transfer to another of our properties. We have a local transfer list that offers a limited number of alternative properties within Charlton Triangle Homes. Once your internal application form is received, it is submitted to a weekly lettings panel who will consider and band the application. Your position on the list will be determined by date of the application and the A, B or C banding allocated which relates to your individual set of circumstances. Please note 75% of our vacant properties are filled by Royal Greenwich – as part of our stock transfer agreement with them, leaving only 25% of our stock for internal transfer, which means this is not a quick solution to your housing needs and should be undertaken alongside other housing transfer options. Please contact us for more information and an application form. Other transfer options include the Royal Greenwich Choice Based Lettings scheme which will give you access to properties, both council and housing association, across Greenwich. Application forms are available at our office where you can now also check your status online.
I’ve found a new home. What do I need to do before I move out?
Once you have arranged your move, please use the following checklist to make sure you have done everything you need to:

  • Write to us giving four weeks’ notice of your leaving date. You will have to pay rent up to this date. (If you leave without giving us any notice, you will still be liable for the rent for that period).
  • Let us in to inspect your home if necessary. If we find that the inside of your house or flat is in poor condition due to neglect or damage, we may have to charge you to put it right. If you have made any improvements, these will have to be left in place or you will have to reinstate the original fittings or layout. We may also ask you to let us show a new tenant round, so that we can re-let the property as quickly as possible.
  • Contact the companies supplying your electricity, gas and water and your telephone line to let them know the date you are leaving. You may need to take final meter readings, but they will tell you about that. If you are claiming any benefits, you will also need to inform the Council Tax and Housing Benefits offices and the Benefits Agency of your new address.
  • Get your mail redirected. The Post Office will be able to help you with this.
  • Pack up all your belongings and dispose of any rubbish. This includes carpets and any flooring you have laid. Please leave the house as clean as possible for the next tenant. The property must be cleared and you may be charged if we have to remove furniture, carpets and possession you have left behind. Anything you leave behind will be thrown away, so make sure you have taken everything with you.
  • Return the property keys to us on the day your tenancy ends (or before midday on Monday if it ends at the weekend). You should hand in your keys to one of our staff or put the keys in an envelope clearly marked with your name and address and post them through our letter box.

If you meet all these conditions, you will be entitled to a payment of £100. Please be aware that you must leave your property vacant. If we find someone else living there after you have left, we will take legal action to evict them and you will be responsible for paying the rent for the time they are there.


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