Your rent

Rent from letting our properties is our main source of income and pays for the services we provide to you.

It is therefore very important both for you and for us that you pay your rent.

Paying your rent


MyAccount is available 24 hours a day and you can use it to pay your rent, see your rent statements, report repairs, update your information and more.

Direct Debit

To set up a direct debit with us call us on 0300 123 3456. This way the correct rent will automatically be taken from your account every month.


Pay your rent at your convenience by using It’s safe and all you need is your payment card number.


Allpay have developed apps so that you can pay your rent via your smartphone. Download the app for your phone to make payments at your convenience.

Swipe cards

You can pay your rent in cash or by credit or debit card using your Swipe card at a post office, local shop, store or garage with Paypoint.


You can pay your rent by phoning us on 0300 123 3456 and using your debit card.


Pay your rent by SMS via’s secure text message payment system with your mobile phone, debit card and your swipe card.
We will ask you to tell us at the start of your tenancy which payment method you will be using. You can change to a different method at any time as long as you let us know first.

About your payment options

Direct Debit

Paying your rent by direct debit is quick and easy, hassle-free and guaranteed. And you have the right to cancel at any time. Remember, your rent is due in advance, whether you choose to pay weekly, fortnightly, every four weeks or monthly.

To set up a direct debit with us, phone us on 0300 123 3456 and then either send it to us or drop it off at one of our offices.

Once your direct debit is set up, you’re covered by the direct debit guarantee against any errors that are made by your bank, building society or us. You also have the right to cancel your direct debit at any time – please contact us in advance though, and remember that if you still have rent due, you’ll need to find an alternative way to pay us.

If you’re having financial difficulties, contact us. Please note that if your rent goes up, we will send you a letter informing you that we intend to increase your direct debit 10 days before this happens. You don’t need to worry about changing anything.


Pay your rent at your convenience, 24 hours a day, by using It’s safe and secure: all you need is your payment card number.

If you can’t find your payment card number or you’ve lost your card, call us on 0300 123 3456.

If you’re paying your rent online for the first time, you’ll be asked to choose your own password and you’ll need an email address for payment confirmation. Each time you pay your rent online, you’ll need to remember your password.

Once you’ve signed into your account, you’ll be greeted with a message confirming you’re making a payment to Family Mosaic. Enter the amount you want to pay, the details of your debit card and then click ‘Pay Now’. When payment is completed, a confirmation page will appear with a payment reference and authorisation code. You will also receive a confirmation email.


Got an iPhone, Windows or Android phone? You can now pay your rent by using your mobile phone. Allpay have developed an app so that you can pay your rent via your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Visit the iTunes store, Windows store or Google Play, search for “allpay” and then download the new app to your phone.

Once installed, you’ll need to register your account, which may take a few minutes. Once registered, you’ll be able to pay your rent when you want, wherever you are.

Swipe cards

You can pay your rent by using your debit card at your local post office, or at any shop, store or garage that has PayPoint.

You’ll need to remember to take your swipe card with you (this is your rent card that has been given to you by Family Mosaic) as well as a debit card. There’s a post office near you where you can pay your rent and your gas, electricity and other utility bills, by using your debit card, cash or cheque. You can pay your rent by using your local shop, store or garage with PayPoint.


You can pay your rent by phoning 0300 123 3456 and using your debit card.

All you need is your pay reference number: if you can’t find this, then you can use your name and address.

Alternatively, you can also use’s safe and secure automated telephone payment system on 0844 557 8321. This uses an interactive voice response system, so you can make rent payments any time of day, any day of the week: and if there’s a problem, don’t worry someone will be there to help you.


You can use your phone to pay your rent by sending a text via’s secure text message payment system.

You’ll need a UK registered mobile phone, a debit card and your swipe card. Then you’ll need to visit the site to register for text payments. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to pay your text when you like, whenever you like, wherever you are.

All you do is to text “Pay” along with your registration text code and the amount you wish to pay, followed by your text password (which is the last four numbers of your debit card).

Water rates

If you live in an older style property you will almost certainly pay water rates with your rent. This will be explained when you sign up. We collect the water rates on behalf of Thames Water. Please note water rates are not covered by housing benefit and you are responsible for paying these charges every week. If you move into a brand new property you will have your own individual water meter and water rates will not be included with your rent. You will therefore need to set up an account direct with Thames Water.

Applying for Housing Benefit

  • When you have filled in your application form (or your renewal form), always take it to the Housing Benefit office in person and make sure that you get a receipt and keep this safe. This also applies to any other information you may want to give them, such as when your rent has been increased. If you don’t get a receipt, you may not be able to prove that you sent in the application or letter if it is mislaid, and it may be difficult to get any change in your benefit backdated. You will then have to pay any increase in rent for that period yourself.
  • Make sure you renew your application in plenty of time. A common reason for rent arrears is housing benefits being stopped because the tenant hasn’t renewed their application.
  • If you think that the level of benefit you have been awarded is too low or it runs from the wrong date, you can appeal. Contact us immediately and we will help you with the whole process.


How do I know what rent to pay?
Your weekly rent is set out in your tenancy agreement and is normally increased every year, in line with Government guidelines and our own rent policy. You will receive a notice informing you of any increase and the date it becomes payable. Please note that the rent we charge you does not include Council Tax, electricity and gas charges. Rent is due on or before every Monday for the week beginning that day. You can either pay on a weekly basis or for longer periods (e.g. monthly) as long as it is always in advance.
Why is it important that I pay my rent?
As our tenant, you have a duty to pay your rent regularly and in full. If you lose your home because of rent arrears, you may find it very difficult to obtain another tenancy through your local Council, since they will consider that you have made yourself homeless through your own actions. Losing your home may also affect your credit rating. Firm action will be taken against anyone who deliberately fails to meet their rent payments, including repossession of the property. Charlton Triangle Homes understands, however, that tenants sometimes run into financial problems. Our staff are here to help you in these cases. The most important thing is to contact us as soon as possible if you are having difficulty in paying your rent. It is much easier for us to help you to resolve the problem if we know about it at an early stage.
What if I can’t afford to pay my rent?
If you are unemployed or on a low income, you may be eligible for Housing Benefit to cover all or some of your rent. You may also be able to claim other benefits such as Council Tax Support. This will have been discussed with you when you signed up for the tenancy. If you were not getting benefits then, but your circumstances have changed since (for example, you have stopped working or the number of people in your household has changed), please contact us at once so that we can help you to apply for whatever you may be entitled to. Your benefits will normally be backdated to the date of application, so the sooner you send in the form, the better. If your situation is particularly complicated, our staff may put you in touch with New Leaf Advice Centre, to make sure you access all the benefits you are entitled to. However, once you are receiving these benefits, it is your responsibility to make sure that you renew your application when this is necessary and inform the Housing Benefits office (or other benefit agencies) of any changes in your situation. If you are in any doubt about what you should do, please ask us for advice. Remember: even if all or some of your rent is covered by housing benefit, it is still your legal duty to make sure the rent is paid in full at all times.
What happens if I get behind with my rent?
Charlton Triangle Homes expects all its tenants to pay their rent. We cannot do our job as your landlord properly unless we receive the income to pay for our repairs and other local services. If you fail to make payments and don’t talk to us about the situation, we shall take immediate legal action against you. You will know about this when you receive a Notice of Seeking Possession and then a summons from the County Court giving you the date of a hearing. At the hearing we will ask the judge to end your tenancy on the grounds of rent arrears and make an order for you to pay what you owe us. The order may allow you to pay off the arrears over a period of time. You will have the chance to speak to the judge and explain your situation, and you are strongly advised to attend the court hearing and make sure that you get proper legal advice beforehand.
What happens then?
If you make payments in line with the court order, you will not lose your tenancy. If you fail to make the payments required, you will no longer have any rights as a tenant and we may decide to go back to court to apply for an eviction order. In the meantime, you will become what is known as a “tolerated trespasser”, which means that you will not have the Right to Buy or the Right to Acquire, you will not be eligible for a transfer. If you clear your debt while you are a tolerated trespasser, then you can apply to the court to have your tenancy reinstated. In the event that we decide to apply for you to be evicted, we will tell you in advance. The court will then ask the bailiff to carry out the eviction on a particular date and will also inform you. You can only be evicted by a bailiff acting on the court’s instructions. You will have the right to go back to court to ask the judge not to go ahead with the eviction. You should be aware that if you are evicted, you will not be able to go back into the property to collect any of your possessions. It is important, therefore, that you prepare to move everything out on or before the eviction date. We shall be forced to dispose of anything you leave behind. We shall also instruct a debt collector to get in touch with you to collect any money that you still owe us. However, we very much hope that it will not be necessary to proceed to this stage. Charlton Triangle Homes works hard to ensure that tenants are given all the support and help they need to keep their rent payments up to date, and we will only apply for a tenant to be evicted when there is really no alternative.


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