Our board

Charlton Triangle Homes is run by a board of management consisting of ten volunteers.

Four of our board members are residents – three are tenants and one is a leaseholder. The Tenant Board members are selected from a pool of people who have successfully completed our Community Leadership Course and have been interviewed by existing Board members. Another two members are appointed by the Royal Borough of Greenwich and are usually Councillors, and four are nominated by our parent company, Peabody.

The Board normally meets five times annually and holds an annual general meeting in September each year.



It is the Board’s responsibility to:

  • Agree Charlton Triangle Homes values and objectives, and ensure that these are achieved
  • Set the budget and approve the accounts each year
  • Agree how Charlton Triangle Homes should be run and how it should plan for the future

The board also monitors expenditure and makes sure that Charlton Triangle Homes meets its legal and financial obligations.

Board members are not paid, but their expenses (such as babysitting costs) are refunded and they are encouraged to attend relevant courses and conferences. The skills that board members acquire can be useful in other settings and have often helped people to progress in their careers.

The Charlton Triangle Homes Director reports to the Chair of the Board, who is elected by other board members.

Board meetings are open to all Charlton Triangle Homes residents and the dates of meetings are publicised at our office and on our website.

If you think you may be interested in becoming a tenant Board Member, Charlton Triangle Homes can offer you a special, free Community Leadership training course. The course runs over several weeks and prepares you to be an active board member. Please contact the New Leaf Advice Centre for more information.


Creating a community and neighbourhood where people want to live because of the quality of life it offers